MotorK hires Criteo’s Phil Coxon as Chief Revenue Officer

MotorK the European company providing unique technology and services to the automotive distribution industry, has today announced a significant new hire to bolster its growing executive team. Phil Coxon will join as Chief Revenue Officer, moving from his previous role as Vice President of Central Sales and Sales Operations at web marketing giant Criteo.

As MotorK continues to expand its range of game changing digital tools and technologies for the motor trade’s entire supply chain, Coxon will play a key role in assisting the company in its mission to digitise the automotive sector across its wide range of touch points including direct to consumers, via manufacturers and through the dealerships.

As VP of Central Sales and Sales Operations at Criteo Coxon managed four teams working across Product Rollout, Sales Strategy, Sales Operations and Training in 8 offices across Europe, Asia and the US. He was responsible for product sales strategy and rollout, sales monitoring, training and target setting for Criteo globally.

During his seven years at Criteo he also worked as Head of Account Strategy & Operations for North America and was responsible for the growth and retention of all the company’s top clients in North America.

At MotorK Coxon will be in charge of the company’s revenues and operations with the remit of developing the international sales teams. He will be implementing both internal and external training strategies to ensure the company’s explosive growth as the go-to provider of digital services to the auto trade is supported by the continued improvement of internal business management processes.

Based out of the company’s recently opened London Headquarters, he will work to improve MotorK’s global sales training strategy, product marketing and central functions and will assist in the creation of new global partnerships, as well as looking after all revenue generating teams at MotorK.

“We are delighted to welcome Phil to MotorK. The company is experiencing rapid growth following successes throughout Europe in helping companies in the motor trade to grow their business through digital strategies. Phil’s experience at Criteo and, previous to that, Microsoft and Yahoo! will prove invaluable both internally and externally for our clients,” said Marco Marlia, Co-Founder & CEO of MotorK.

Previous to his extensive experience helping to grow Criteo into one of the world’s biggest web marketing companies, he spent five years at Microsoft as head of partnerships and first as Industry Head of Automotive & Telcos, working directly alongside car manufacturers. He also worked at Yahoo! where he spent two years working as industry head of automotive & travel, following spells in Radio and TV media sales