Renault and MotorK: digital training

MotorK Digital Training Program for 2.0 Renault Managers

A six months training program is awaiting the Italian managers of Renault Italia“: the French car company is collaborating with MotorK inside a certification project that aims to teach the best ways to run dealers networks.

The topics involved space between the digital marketing field (email marketing, online stock management, content and SEO), and the digital trends related to mobile businesses, social media merketing and digital reputation. A special attention will be given to the pianification and monitoring of online campaigns, and to the metrics of the dealers’ websites.

A qualifying, innovative and challenging program: that’s our 2.0 training

In order to obtain the Automotive Digital Manager certification, 2017 participants need to attend all the ten Internet Motors Master sessions, pass the test about Marco Marlia’s book “The DealerK Method” and obtain the Google AdWords certification.