Introducing the MotorK Automotive Cloud

Why MotorK

We are the only company that provides automotive manufacturers and dealers with integrated end-to-end solutions to support the entire customer journey.

And we are the only ones that offer these solutions across Europe.

Whether it’s transforming digital shoppers into leads, nurturing leads, retaining customers or training your sales team, we have the tools necessary.


  • Reach in-market customers with websites and campaigns optimized for lead generation.
  • Automate your stock management and publishing to multiple platforms.
  • Understand your customers: From detailed social profiles to when and how to best contact prospects.


  • Engage customers via phone, video, chat or email from a single platform.
  • Import leads from 100+ sources (digital, walk-in, telephone…).
  • Enable call centres and dealers to seamlessly coordinate customer contact.


  • Support sales staff with automated alerts for customer activities (follow-ups, contracts…).
  • Integrate information from multiple DMS and OEM systems in a single platform.
  • Stay in touch with customers via apps that provide vehicle info and send automatic service notifications.


Find more customers, drive sales and gain insights

MotorK helps manufacturers sell more vehicles with high-quality lead generation and management tools that boost sales. Our DriveK marketplace is the new benchmark in Europe, helping million people find  the car that is just right for their needs. 


Our qualification process provides detailed information about prospects, from social profiles to individual cross-shopping behaviour. And our lead management tools give you complete transparency on your sales pipeline.

  • A virtual showroom with 48 brands and over 500 models and five million configuration options
  • A suite of integrated solutions for your sales network
  • Insights on customer behaviour and promotion effectiveness


MotorK provides more visibility, leads and sales for the dealership of the future

DealerK offers a complete, turnkey solution for dealers looking to leverage the power of digital to transform their business. We offer an array of integrated end-to-end solutions that allows you to generate new leads, streamline processes and increase sales.

  • Design and development of a custom-made website which is user friendly
  • Optimisation of visibility on search engines
  • Activation of targeted digital advertising campaigns
  • Integration of easy-to-use lead management tools
  • Creation and management of an effective presence on social networks
  • Training and coaching for sales teams and call centres

Training and Coaching

The guided path towards digital mastery

Based on “The DealerK Method”, the DealerK training paths develop the digital skills and culture necessary for sales success professionals in the automotive industry. From dealer principal to call centre staff to seller, DealerK helps team members to grow in their approach to the digital world and to establish the organisational structures and process necessary for success.


The courses are customised to your needs and range from online training to one-to-one coaching to classroom sessions.

  • Personalised and highly skilled routes
  • Automotive Digital Masters© certification and Internet Motors Master Program©
  • Coaching and consulting for corporate restructuring with a view to digitalisation
  • Onsite coaching for team members in specific tasks

Internet Motors

Our Internet Motors events are dedicated to the discovery of best practices and current trends in the world of automotive online sales and marketing. It has now become the industry’s leading event of its kind for car manufacturers, dealers and publishers.


Internet Motors is now at its 18th edition – with events held in Milan, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid attracting a total of more than 7,500 participants to date. In 2018, we plan a further 7 events.

  • Engage and network with the leading experts in the digital automotive space
  • Workshops, interviews and panel discussions
  • Event Partners include Google, Facebook, AutoScout24

We have been chosen by major european car manufacturers

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