10 years after its founding, MotorK renews its identity through a more current, contemporary, and elegant image and in line with its premium positioning as the only pan-European cloud-native provider that combines digital and automotive.

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The definition of SparKing

“SparKing” is a concept that represents the spark that starts the engine up just as MotorK ignites the digital spark of the automotive industry.  MotorK employees were and are the SparKers who, with their energy, made things possible. A concept that represents the fundamental reason for our actions, that guides, pushes, motivates and directs us in our work.
MotorK, digitalization and automotive marketing for professionals
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The digital revolution has profoundly changed the automotive industry, influencing consumer behavior and the activities of car manufacturers and dealers. After 10 years in the business, MotorK evolves keeping pace with the challenges and opportunities posed by digital technologies, and the new future-proof branding represents the eagerness to continue to better respond to the needs of our customers and a sector. This is, for the automotive sector, the season of change. A change brought and dictated not only by the many new players who, from the manufacturing to the business model, are changing the physiognomy of the industry, but also by the need to control the market keeping pace with innovation. Such a fast pace requires major investments in technology, research, and development.

Marco Marlia

CEO & Co-Founder of MotorK

For our 10th anniversary we decided to give ourselves a completely new look, in line with Flat Design’s minimalistic style. The new look & feel reflects us fully: we have redesigned our logo to give the company a more premium and technological aspect, emphasizing the concept of “digital spark”. MotorK has made many strides in developing digital tools and solutions over the past decade, an accomplishment we wanted to see reflected in the corporate image. One of the letters that composes the MotorK logo does not belong to any existing fonts and has been purely designed by us, I shall leave it to the community to identify it!

Jean-Pierre Diernaz

SVP Head of Global Brand of MotorK

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How do you pronounce
MotorK ?

Diffrent county uses different pronunciations to say “MotorK”
Well, you can call us how you want, but this is the correct pronountation.


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