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Stop wasting time and money on addressing the wrong audiences with the wrong messages. Start delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Unrivalled big data processing capabilities and top-notch MotorK technologies can guarantee not only more leads but also the best conversion rates in the automotive industry.

Unique digital marketing strategies and tactics

MotorK digital marketing solutions are scalable, customisable, automated, high-performing and specific for automotive retail business needs. Highest stock visibility is guaranteed in each campaign thanks to unmatched integration with real-time market data.

Why WebMarKeting
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Superior automated processes

The WebMarKeting machine learning platform automatically generates campaigns that track the customer along the entire journey and propose the right car stock assets at the right time, thus converting into more sales at a optimized cost per lead. The integration with MotorK CRM LeadSparK ensures the activation of the right campaigns through an ongoing adjustments strategy every 24 hours. Our direct collaboration with partners such as Facebook and Google can guarantee the an optimized cost per lead.
WebMarketing machine learning platform automatically generates campaigns
Marketing campaigns with ongoing promotions

Creativity mix and dynamic stock recycle

An unrivalled number of available creativity options combined with the capability of aligning marketing campaigns with ongoing promotions in real-time elevates WebMarKeting asset management to the best within the industry. The automatic inventory management system constantly updates creativities and landing pages to the current stock range, hence guaranteeing a fully automated dynamic stock recycle process. WebMarKeting-driven campaigns are specifically structured to respond to your specific needs, pushing brands, models, and messages in full alignment with your fast-changing commercial priorities.

Advanced analytics

Start tracking your campaign performance from the first impression to the final sale at the touch of a button. With WebMarKeting and its advanced reporting system you have critical data at your fingertips, take better decisions and optimize costs.

Advanced reporting system
Fully Automated Marketing Processes

Fully Automated Processes

Unmatched Creativity Options

Unmatched Creativity Options

Dynamic Ongoing Promotions Updates

Automatic Real-Time Tracking

crm integration

CRM Integration

Minimized Time to Market

Minimised Time-to-Market

Multi-Skilled Dedicated Team

Promotions for the Whole Stock Range

Promotions for the Whole Stock Range

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