Helping manufactures increase their sales and better understand the market

Car Manufacturers

Car Manufacturers

MotorK is the only web services firm that provides automotive manufacturers and dealers with integrated, end-to-end solutions to support the entire customer journey. Our products and services help manufacturers increase their sales and better understand the market.

DriveK helps manufacturers sell more vehicles across Europe with high-quality lead generation tools and qualification processes that ensure delivery of real, in-market prospects.

DealerK offers a complete, turnkey solution for dealers looking to leverage the power of digital to transform their business. We offer an array of, integrated, end-to-end solutions that allows you to generate new leads, streamline processes and increase sales.

Our Internet Motors events are dedicated to the discovery of best practices and current trends in the world of automotive online sales and marketing. With 17 events and more than 6,000 attendees so far, Internet Motors is the biggest gathering of its kind in Europe.

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DriveK - Hot Lead Generation

DriveK helps manufacturers sell more vehicles, thanks to the high-quality lead generation activities, tailor-made to OEM’s needs.

The service is already available in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK and other selected European markets.

  • An extensive lead generation network: the best car configurator website, more than 20 partner publishers, an innovative mobile app
  • Premium qualification: customers are contacted within 15 minutes and, if no contact is made, recalled up to 8 times
  • Focus on quality: DriveK rejects about half the quote requests, keeping only the genuine, highest quality prospects
  • Customer care: every user is asked to choose among 3 dealerships in his area and the lead is assigned only assigned to the dealer chosen by the user
  • Easy integration: DriveK integrates with all existing systems used by the manufacturers, without the need for customisation
  • Guaranteed sales conversion: DriveK leads convert. Our conversion from lead to car sold is never below 8%
  • Total Flexibility: the qualification script is agreed with the manufacturer, so that all information taken is meaningful
  • Nurturing activity: customers are supported by DriveK throughout the journey, with follow-up activities aimed at knowing if he bought a car and gauging satisfaction
  • Conquest activities: push activities agreed with the manufacturer aimed at promoting specific models, support launches or defend from competitor's launches
  • User profiling: for all conquest activities, the audience is targeted to maximise conversion rates
  • Appointment activities: DriveK can also manage appointment scheduling activities between customers and dealerships

From "lead" to "person": we give the lead a face

The qualified lead was not enough, so we created the Enriched Lead.

With the Enriched Lead the dealer finally sees the lead as a physical person, not as an abstract entity or a simple contact. Enriched Leads make initial contact to be easier. Sales staff know how and when to best contact the customer, what concerns or alternatives the customer has in mind, and even whether there are common interests or contacts.

  • Privacy compliance: all data is collected according to the current privacy laws
  • Lead profile: with DriveK the lead becomes a person again, with a face, a description and some real behaviours
  • Contact support: the best ways and hours to contact the lead
  • Hesitation data: our machine learning algorithms highlight the vehicles that the customer shows interest in based on their online behaviour
  • Supplementary information: trade-in details and other supporting information
  • No integration required: the Enriched Lead will be provided without modifying the actual integration between DriveK and the manufacturer

From "big data" to insights to conversion

DriveK gathers huge amounts of data across multiple platforms and uses refined analysis and machine learning algorithms to understand the automotive market based on actual customer behaviour rather than surveys.

This real behaviour analysis gives us a holistic knowledge of the market, which we use to help car manufacturers understand customers and effectively reach the most appropriate target.

  • Machine learning: DriveK uses proprietary algorithms to extract insights from anonymous navigation data resulting in the best possible profiling audiences
  • Competitive insights: the data gathered by DriveK allows manufacturers to understand how customers perceive their models with respect to those of rival brands
  • Clusterization: our analysis goes beyond traditional vehicle segments, looking at more than 10 analysis variables based on real customer behaviour
  • Real world analysis: we do not estimate purchase behaviour, we see it from start to finish and build conclusions from it
  • Attribution model: based on actions performed by the customer we assign them points and useful tags to predict future behaviour

The online showroom that drives sales

WebSparK is the automotive web solution tailor-made for networks, meeting the highest technical and design standards. Ensure compliance with brand identity, accurate product details and up-to-date promotion information.

Manufacturers can determine the degree of freedom dealers have for personalisation, keeping key elements under central control.

  • Customisation, modularity and scalability
  • Fully integrates with existing network systems
  • Display both dealer and central stock
  • Over 50 features available, with focused team support
  • Optimised for lead generation and conversion
  • Excellent performance and positioning on search engines

The complete tool for managing the sales process

LeadSparK is the lead management platform that helps manufacturers organise, manage and measure the entire sales and CRM process. With LeadSpark, every lead from every channel is imported into a single platform and tracked at all stages of the customer journey, from the first contact to aftersales. Perfectly suited to central call centers, regional field staff and showroom sales personnel.


  • No installation required: the platform is in the cloud
  • Integration with all existing digital systems (DMS, websites etc.)
  • Monitoring tools and comprehensive statistics on business performance
  • A mobile app for sales staff
  • Marketing automation features
  • Business reporting

The guided path towards digital mastery

Based on “The DealerK Method”, the DealerK training paths develop the digital skills and culture necessary for sales success professionals in the automotive industry. From dealer principal to call centre staff to seller, DealerK helps team members to grow in their approach to the digital world and to establish the organisational structures and process necessary for success.


The courses are customised to your needs and range from online training to one-to-one coaching to classroom sessions.

  • Personalised and highly skilled routes
  • Automotive Digital Masters© certification and Internet Motors Master Program©
  • Coaching and consulting for corporate restructuring with a view to digitalisation
  • Onsite coaching for team members in specific tasks

We have been chosen by major european car manufacturers