Car Manufacturers

Car Manufacturers

MotorK is the leading digital automotive company that helps Manufacturers increase their sales and better understand the market thanks to its huge amount of data, recognized machine learning and analysis skills.

MotorK has a full suite of products that allow high-quality lead generation and post lead management and nurturing, thanks to its business lines DriveK, DealerK and Internet Motors.

DriveK helps manufacturers sell more vehicles in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK with high-quality lead generation tools that bring only hot in-market real prospects.

DealerK is the point of reference to guide dealers along the road of digital innovation.

Internet Motors is the biggest digital automotive event dedicated to the full discovery of best practices of online marketing of automobile products in Europe.

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DriveK - Hot Lead Generation

DriveK helps manufacturers sell more vehicles, thanks to the high-quality lead generation activities, tailor-made to OEM’s needs.

The service is already available in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK and will soon arrive in other Countries.

DriveK – Hot Lead Generation means:

  • An extensive lead generation network: the best car configurator website, more than 20 partner publishers, an innovative mobile app
  • A premium qualification: the user is contacted within 15 minutes from the quote request and if no contact is made, recalled up to 8 times
  • Customer care: every user is asked to choose among 3 dealerships in his area and the lead is assigned only to the dealer chosen by the user
  • Easy integration: DriveK integrates with all the already existing systems used by the manufacturers, without the need for custom integrations
  • Focus on quality: DriveK rejects about half the quote requests, keeping only the hottest, highest quality prospects
  • Guaranteed sales conversion: DriveK leads convert, it's a fact. Our conversion from lead to car sold is never below 8%
  • Total Flexibility: the qualification script is agreed with the manufacturer, so that all information taken is meaningful
  • Nurturing activity: lead is supported by DriveK in all its life-cycle, with recall activities aimed at knowing if he bought a car
  • Conquest activities: push activities agreed with the manufacturer aimed at promoting specific models, support launches or defend from competitor's launches
  • User profiling: for all the conquest activities the audience is targeted in order to maximise the conversion rates
  • Appointment activities: DriveK can also manage the appointment's scheduling activities between user and dealerships

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Enriched Lead - from "lead" to "person": we give the lead a face

The qualified lead was not enough, so we created the Enriched Lead!
With the Enriched Lead the dealer finally sees the lead as a physical person, not as an abstract entity but as a person to which the dealer can positively connect with.
Enriched Lead will allow for the first point of contact to be easier. The salesman will have more conversation topics and will be able to know if he/she has friends or interests in common with the lead.
The negotiation will also be easier, the dealer will know if the consumer is genuinely interested or if there are any concerns or hesitations during the purchase process.

Enriched Lead means:

  • Privacy compliance: all user data is collected by DriveK according to the current privacy policies
  • Lead profile: with DriveK the lead becomes a person again, with a face, a description and some real behaviours
  • Contact support: based on our information we can show the best ways and hours to contact the lead
  • Hesitation data: our machine learning algorithms highlight the cars that the customer shows interest in based on their online behaviour
  • Everything under control: trade-in, information, notes. With the Enriched Lead it will be very easy to manage the lead
  • No integration required: the Enriched Lead will be provided without modifying the actual integration between DriveK and the manufacturer

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Hesitation Data - From "big data" to conversion

DriveK gathers huge amounts of data and thanks to refined analysis and machine learning algorithms, our technology  is able to describe the automotive market based on the study of the effective user behaviour and not the declared one. This real behaviour analysis allows  us to have a holistic knowledge of the market and to help consumers find the ideal car and the car manufacturers to effectively reach the most appropriate target.

Hesitation Data means:

  • Machine learning: DriveK uses proprietary algorithms to extract from anonymous navigation data resulting in the best profiling audiences
  • Competitive analysis: the data gathered by DriveK allows manufacturers to verify the perception of users with respect to rival brands
  • Clusterization: in the hesitation analysis we do not consider only the segment of a vehicle, but more than 10 analysis variables
  • Real world description: we do not estimate a purchase behaviour, we see it and build conclusions from it
  • Attribution model: based on the action performed by the user we assign them points and useful tags to predict their behaviour
  • Innovative tools: we use innovative tools to study correlation between vehicles and users, like the mobile DriveK app

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The technological solution that brings the dealership online.

WebSparK is the web solution, tailor-made for the dealers, which meets the highest technological and design standards. With over 50 features available, such as a  car configurator, an accurate loan simulator, a car trade-in option and data analytics. Each website made with WebSparK is a tool at the service of the dealer’s business: it will improve digital presence and measurably and concretely increase contact requests.

WebSpark means:

  • Customisation, modularity and scalability
  • Over 50 features available, with focused team support
  • Excellent performances and good positioning on search engines

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The complete tool for leads and sales processes.

LeadSparK is the lead management platform of DealerK that helps dealers to organise, manage and measure the entire sales and CRM process. With LeadSpark, every lead coming from various channels is imported into a single database and followed at all stages of its development with the dealer, from the first contact to aftersales. The marketing features allow you to maintain open and constant contact with your customers, while business intelligence reports allow you to keep control of the situation.


LeadSparK means:

  • No need for installations: the platform is in the cloud
  • Integration with all the digital tools of the dealer (DMS, websites, Car Makers)
  • Monitoring tools and comprehensive statistics on business performance
  • A sales app for sellers

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Workshop and training throughout the automotive supply chain

Internet Motors is an event dedicated to the full discovery of the best practices within online marketing of automobile products. Started as a local event, it has become an international venue appealing to the whole automotive sector: from suppliers to dealers, from car manufacturers to the industry players and publishers. Internet Motors has already reached its thirteenth edition – with events held in Milan, Rome, Paris, Munich and Madrid – attracting over 6000 participants.

Internet Motors means:

  • Having access to the greatest experts in the Internet and Automotive sectors
  • Interviews, workshops and round table discussions
  • A Master Program about web marketing, lead management and analytics
  • Coaching on how to maximise the number of appointments in dealership
  • Exceptional partners like Google, Facebook, Autoscout24
  • A “Don’t Miss” opportunity for discussion and networking

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