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MotorK rewards talent and offers the perfect environment to turn it into concrete projects that make a difference to your career and to our clients' businesses.

Everyday our passion for innovation pushes us forward. Everyday we cultivate a culture, ethics of respect and nurture our people to allow our company to flourish from within resulting in an efficient and well-functioning orangisation

The word that describes us best is "spark": the spark that sets off a chain reaction of innovation, but also the spark that guides us to the next step.

We are “Spark Plugs”.

General Benefit

  • International team
  • Career opportunities
  • Smart working
  • Training


Someone said, when you touch the sky with your finger, you want to touch it with your whole hand. We agree.


The open space is the best way to transform an idea into a product: that's how to do #innovation


The secret to getting what you want is to forget about it and immerse yourself in the path. In this way, you come to see opportunities instead of obstacles.

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The tortoise won because the hare was distracted. But it does not have to be that way. We, for example, are quick and always focused on the goal.

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To accept the challenge is important. Winning is critical. We like our work because it brings up new demands each and every day.


“In a sweet-spot between a startup and well-established company, at MotorK you'll find all the perks of the latter, with the atmosphere, freedom, challenges and impact of the former.”


Creativity is a serious matter: inspiration favors the prepared mind. And we never stop learning.

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It is a Greek word that means "to have the demon inside"…..or something like that. In short, enthusiasm is our drive, our spark.

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Tech Benefit

  • Big projects
  • Product focus
  • R&D experiments
  • Tech talks


It's a virtuous circle: every day we grow as a company because customers trust us, and our customers trust us because we grow as a company.


Many speak of it and it looks like something they want because they do not have it. For us it is simple: this is what happens every day in our offices.

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Relax Benefit

  • Garden area
  • Kitchen + Chef
  • Lounge area
  • Table football


No denying it: our work is complex. We do not need only strategic thinking or specialised thinking. We need them both, at all times.


We enjoy our work. We enjoy our work. We enjoy our work. (Oh, and we like to prove it to our customers.)


Working for MotorK is seeing yourself growing professionally every single day! It's all about new challenges!

Join us



If you like challenges, this is a place to be! Join us!


Our figures are steadily and rapidly increasing. Every week we initiate new projects and bring in new talent to manage them. But who is going to help us to manage all this? It could be you.



Strategic thinking. Relationships with customers. Work organisation. Allocation of resources. Goal setting and performance evaluation. These are just some of the parts of our engine, and they are always turned up to the maximum speed.



Do you like direct contact with people? Do you get a smile on your face when you solve a real problem? People at MotorK know that is essential to always be available to our customers.


Product Innovation

If you like challenges, this is a place to be! Join Product Innovation team!



MotorK was created to radically change the automotive world. If you are readingthis , it is because you understand it. But, although it is hard to believe, there are still people out there who do not know. Are you ready to show them the future?



Sometimes it is said that when a project is well developed, technology becomes invisible. Here, we can tell you that at MotorK, those who can do things well, are not invisible. You can start right now: apply for an open position.


UX & Design

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Today, perhaps it is especially in the fingers and in the mouse of those who learn and use the digital tools we create. Do you feel you are the right person to bring elegance and usability to the next level?