The point of reference to guide dealers along the road of digital innovation



Digital transformation with immediate and measurable business results.

Based on our pioneering DealerK Method, we offer a portfolio of integrated end-to-end products and services designed to support automotive sales teams in tackling the challenges posed by the digital economy.
Our offering includes: customisable and feature-rich websites, a lead management platform to optimise sales processes, a wide range of consulting and digital marketing services, plus custom learning paths for each digital dealer.

DealerK is present in Italy, the UK, France, Spain and Germany and is entering other European and global markets.
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Our Products

The online showroom that drives sales

WebSparK is the automotive web solution tailor-made for networks and meeting the highest technical and design standards.


Ensure compliance with brand identity, accurate product details and up-to-date promotion information. Manufacturers can determine the degree of freedom dealers have for personalization, keeping key elements under central control.

  • Customisation, modularity and scalability
  • Full integration with existing network systems
  • Display both dealer and central stock
  • Over 50 available features, such as loan simulation and trade-in valuation
  • Optimisation for lead generation and conversion
  • Industry leading performance and positioning on search engines

The complete tool for managing the sales process

LeadSparK is our lead management platform that helps manufacturers organise, manage and measure the entire sales and CRM process.


With LeadSparK, all leads generated from any channel are imported into a single platform and tracked at all stages of the customer journey, from the first contact to aftersales. Perfectly suited to central call centers, regional field staff and showroom sales personnel.


  • No installation required: the platform is in the cloud
  • Integration with all existing digital systems (DMS, websites etc.)
  • Monitoring tools and comprehensive statistics on business performance
  • A mobile app for sales staff
  • Marketing automation features
  • Business reporting

A guided path towards digital mastery

Our DealerK Method delivers customized training paths to develop the digital skills and culture necessary for sales professionals in the automotive industry.


From field teams to call centre staff to showroom personnel, DealerK helps manufacturers establish the organisational structures and process necessary for success and ensures team members grow in their approach to the digital world. The courses are customised to your needs and range from online training to one-to-one coaching to classroom sessions.

  • Personalised or team training paths
  • Automotive Digital Masters© certification and Internet Motors Master Program©
  • Coaching and consulting for corporate restructuring with a view to digitalisation
  • Onsite coaching for team members in specific tasks

A team of specialists for a comprehensive digital strategy

Our digital planning and marketing services provide dealers with unrivaled marketing expertise in the automotive sector. Our specialists support dealers in developing targeted acquisition strategies, managing online budgets, analysing online performance, improving search engine ranking and managing social media. 


DealerK boasts strategic partnerships with key tech-industry players such as Google and Facebook, and we bring know-how gained from our DriveK portal, which has delivered over 1 million leads to automotive brands.

  • Measurable, meaningful increase in your digital performance
  • Advice from specialists with years of experience in automotive digital marketing