LoJack Italia and MotorK

LoJack Italia and MotorK partner to optimize dealerships aftersales with integrated Customer Experience Platform


Milan, Italy March 26, 2019 – LoJack Italia, a CalAmp subsidiary and leader in stolen vehicle recovery and innovative connected automotive services, and MotorK, a digital automation service provider for major automotive OEMs and dealers in Europe, today announced a partnership agreement and plans to launch an integrated Customer Experience Platform. The cloud-based digital platform is designed to enhance the customer automotive user experience and strengthen aftersales activities by establishing a real-time, long-lasting digital engagement through the automotive lifecycle to improve vehicle and road safety while building customer loyalty.

With LoJack® telematics data integrated into the MotorK cloud-based platform, dealers of all car brands can assist the customer in the event of a crash or during a breakdown. In the event of a collision, CalAmp’s CrashBoxx™ service can provide instant crash alerts including accident location and severity. Dealers can then offer a broad range of time-sensitive support and service to the driver, such as facilitating emergency response, sending a tow truck or arranging repair in their service department.

Customers can also opt-in to allow dealers to receive maintenance alerts about vehicle diagnostics related to the engine, transmission, fluids and other operational performance. They can be proactively alerted when the vehicle is approaching mileage thresholds to arrange a service inspection or tire replacement. With these digital insights, dealers can offer preventative maintenance and repair from their service department to avoid breakdowns, maintain vehicle performance and improve road safety.

“The partnership with MotorK developed out of a strong synergy between two pioneering automation-focused companies looking to offer modern solutions that simplify the sales process and enable dealers to operate more efficiently,” said Maurizio Iperti, Managing Director for LoJack Italia. “Our innovative solution facilitates a more profitable and sticky relationship for the dealer with their customer and ultimately improves vehicle safety with proactive maintenance and service that could prevent emergency situations as well as timely outreach services when they unfortunately do happen.”

“Our goal is to allow dealers to have all the tools they need to upgrade their business with a single digital solution,” said Marco Marlia, MotorK’s CEO and co-founder. “We offer them a complete management tool providing leads, sales processes, marketing and aftersales activities that enable better control of business processes, while optimizing sales performance. The partnership with LoJack allows us to offer much richer services to dealers leveraging their comprehensive and proven on-board telematics solutions.”

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