MotorK Presents Automotive I/O: Bridging Minds, the European Online Event to Debate Digital Innovation in Automotive and beyond


From 20 to 23 March 2023, top-notch speakers and companies from all over Europe will gather on a virtual stage to discuss the future of the automotive and mobility ecosystem and more.

We are at a turning point for the industry. In the current scenario, the boundaries between opportunities and threats are increasingly more blurred: with Automotive I/O: Bridging Minds we would like to embrace a different narrative, keeping an eagle-eyed view on what is happening, exploring all the angles and ultimately finding new standards of analysis for the industry. For this reason, we have designed four days of thought-provoking sessions and inspirational testimonials to get a better understanding of where we are now and what can be expected to happen in the short and long term.

A rich agenda of online talks, roundtables and workshops as well as virtual networking opportunities will be available for the participants, who will be able to attend both international sessions in English (with multi-language translations provided) and local sessions in the local language. The focus will be, of course, on some key topics that are particularly relevant for the automotive industry now; but given the present complexity, we couldn’t limit our scope to automotive only: we had to consider the broader mobility ecosystem, on the one hand, and expand our horizons to engage other industries in the conversation, on the other, offering a 360-degree perspective on leadership and business excellence. For the same reason, the programme will feature additional content offered by motivational keynote speakers from sports and the digital landscape, in the true spirit of ‘bridging minds’.

From insights-fuelled market overviews to more in-depth analysis of some of the most current trends, during Automotive I/O: Bridging Minds you will hear about:

  • what is changing in the mobility ecosystem, with new forms of mobility and a wider than ever array of options for consumers;
  • how the industrial manufacturing is evolving in the automotive industry, led by electrification and connectivity;
  • what is happening in distribution, with the introduction of new models that are meant to maximise the brand experience while reducing costs;
  • how the customer journey is getting more and more complex, rapidly shifted from the traditional brick-and-mortar structure to an omnichannel one and now increasingly more similar to an ecommerce experience;
  • how the new generations of customers are approaching the automotive and mobility market and what kind of purchase experience they are expecting;
  • how talent is evolving, with the surge of new digital roles and therefore the need of continuous upskilling and reskilling, as well as an overall different approach to the work performance.

A lineup of best-in-class speakers is ready to take the virtual stage of Automotive I/O: Bridging Minds and lead the audience on a discovery journey of digital innovation in automotive and beyond.

For Automotive I/O: Bridging Minds, MotorK can also count on the support of prestigious sponsors and partners, both internationally and locally, without whom the event would not be possible.

"Automotive I/O: Bridging Minds will be THE European forum where #innovation in the automotive industry and beyond is discussed. We wanted to create a format offering premium content ranging from automotive and mobility transformation to business excellence and start a conversation which will go on for months to come."
Marco Marlia
MotorK CEO and Co-founder

The countdown to Automotive I/O: Bridging Minds is on! Please visit the event website to find out more and if you are looking forward to joining us, click on the link below to register.

Disclaimer: Guests of MotorK as well as of Automotive I/O sponsors and partners are entitled to free registration. If you are and haven’t received an invite to claim your complimentary accreditation yet, please contact us. Please note, attendees must register with complete name and surname and a unique email address.

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