Stock management platform

Stock management platforms, an essential tool for dealerships 4.0


Effective stock management on the web provides a great opportunity for all dealers who want to enjoy high visibility, speed up the turnover of their fleets, and stand out from the competition, especially at a time of crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing. 

This is what has emerged from a recent survey that we made available to our customers, who took part in one of MotorK’s webinars, designed for automotive professionals. 60% of them asked us to look more closely at stock issues, an increasingly important topic, particularly on online platforms. In recent months, savvy car buyers have increasingly turned to digital to compare models and prices. According to research conducted by Google, the volume of searches for the best deals on cars, commercial, and industrial vehicles increased by 70% worldwide from 22 to 28 March 2020, compared to the period from 15 to 21 March of the same year. These figures confirm the need for effective, fast, and efficient management of online channels. MotorK has always been at the forefront, anticipating the needs of the automotive sector, which is why we can offer dealers a product like CarSparK, with features dedicated to online stock management.

Dealers can no longer delay investing in digital

If car buyers are going to be even less likely to come in contact with the car they are willing to buy and get a feel for it through a showroom visit, maximising your web presence and integrating the offline and online experience is crucial to reach your customers. Giving visibility to your online stock is therefore essential to any dealership’s business, but it is also a difficult task to manage. To do this you need the right tools. This is where CarSparK makes all the difference, as it allows you to take advantage of digital and technological solutions that give dealers complete control of their stock, allowing them to advertise it, and consequently ensure a faster turnover of vehicles, while keeping an important cost item under control.

CarSparK enables simplified stock management, automating the publication of stock on web portals, and enabling the fast and easy implementation of customised offers for online publication.

All in all, what are the main features and advantages of a stock management platform for car dealers?

  • Increase your online visibility, with just a few clicks you can publish all your cars on the major industry platforms, giving visibility to your listings to thousands of potential customers
  • Promote your stock anywhere on the web, thanks to the integration with all the main DMS you can automatically publish your stock on portals such as AutoScout24, and several free portals, in just a matter of seconds
  • Create customised offers: based on data collected and updated in real time via CarSparK, you can launch effective promotions on your stock
  • Manage the status of a vehicle for online booking, thanks to the PayPal integration
  • Manage dealer prices separately 
  • Take professional photos of your second-hand stock, saving time and optimising the photo publishing processes on the various used cars portals, thanks to the straightforward integration with CarSparK App

Having an effective stock management platform is a strategic operation for dealers, because it is part of a wider process that not only involves the inbound and outbound flows of vehicles, but also the customers’ purchasing experience.

Hence, CarSparK is the ideal partner you can rely on: a one-stop solution for fast and comprehensive stock management.

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