FidSparK elevate your dealership’s online reputation, with ease.

Collect all reviews in one place, automatically request new ones and display them to attract new prospects.

FidSparK simplifies reputation management.

Focus on your business while we handle reviews and boost your online visibility

Effortless Reputation
FidSparK streamlines review gathering, automating requests, and enhancing engagement through automated replies, allowing you to focus on your business.
Improve your Visibility
Online reputation is not a solo game; customers will continue to compare you with your neighbours. FidSparK helps you generate positive reviews to stand out from the crowd.
Transform Negatives
into Positives
Negative reviews happen to the best, but FidSparK enables you to manage and retain customers effectively, turning challenges into opportunities.

What our customer says about FidSparK

“From the beginning we focused a lot on reviews, but it was manually done and we had about a 30% response rate from the emails we sent requesting reviews. With FidSparK we got more than a 50% response rate to the review request emails and we went from a 4.4 average review rate to a 5 overall which is a very, very good result.”
— Christian Cellini
Digital Marketing Manager, Lead Process Manager

Main Feature

Automate survey requests

Effortlessly gather feedback with our automated survey system, saving you time and maximising responses rate

Survey customisation 

Tailor surveys to your needs, choosing questions and format for valuable insights

Lead generation

Capture plans for future purchase directly from the after-sales survey turning insights into leads

Instant notification

Receive instant email alerts for reviews, swiftly addressing concerns to enhance customer satisfaction

Automatic reply

Craft personalised responses with customisable templates, managing all reviews seamlessly from one central hub

AI-Generated responses

Elevate customer interaction with AI-crafted, context-aware responses tailored to each review

Drive excellence with advanced reporting

Monitoring and analysing customer satisfaction is pivotal. Gain actionable insights, ensuring sustained dealership success and customer loyalty.

Satisfaction Tracker

Monitor and gauge customer happiness over time, enabling proactive adjustments for improved dealership performance.

Competition analyser

Gain a competitive edge by analysing how your dealership compares online, ensuring a positive market presence


Analyse customer satisfaction peaks both at POS and sales team level, filter them by service or brand and easily share performance reports with OEMs

FidSparK in numbers

FidSparK is the e-reputation management tool for dealers ​


Average revenue generated from saved customers


Average increase in
 positive reviews


Average Google reviews coming from FidSparK

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. FidSparK can seamlessly integrate with major automotive review platforms, including Google, Facebook, and AutoScout24. This ensures that you can efficiently monitor and manage your online reputation from a centralised platform.

FidSparK is designed to support car dealers in efficiently managing their e-reputation. Through seamless integration with DMSs, you can automatically import invoices to trigger review requests. The platform is uniquely organised to monitor performance based on services and brands, not just locations. What sets it apart is that each survey request sent to after- sales clients automatically includes enquiries about their plans for purchasing their next vehicle, generating leads that are seamlessly sent to your CRM. It’s the perfect tool to enhance your online presence and drive future sales.

Absolutely. With FidSparK, you can incorporate your logo and the logos of specific brands into the surveys. Customise review scales, schedule surveys based on services, and tailor questions to specific locations, services or vehicle types. Whether you’re managing a single dealership or a group, FidSparK adapts to your needs, streamlining processes and providing access rights as required.

Managing customer feedback, especially negative reviews, is crucial for demonstrating care and being able to resolve issues promptly. FidSparK simplifies this process by allowing you to set up templates for automated, yet personalised, responses. Such templates are automatically triggered in rotation to avoid sounding robotic. Additionally, FidSparK offers AI-generated responses, tailoring messages to the context of each review.

For negative reviews, FidSparK allows you to contact clients directly, addressing and resolving issues. If a resolution occurs, the tool automatically prompts clients to update their reviews. This proactive approach not only can help you recover a customer who might not have returned otherwise but also safeguards your reputation.

Furthermore, FidSparK monitors the revenues generated by previously unsatisfied customers over time, highlighting the revenue retention made possible by FidSparK.


Certainly, FidSparK can seamlessly integrate with your DMS and CRM. This integration allows for the automatic sending of review requests and enriches your customer data.
As for all MotorK products, you will receive initial 1-to-1 training. Additionally, our help centre offers a wealth of articles for your reference. Should you require assistance, human support is readily available to address your needs.

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