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Boxes, the new tool for dealer homepages


Boxes are one of the most effective ways of capturing user attention and improving conversion rates. With WebSparK you can implement them on your dealership’s website homepage, by creating a more professional, eye-catching digital showroom. Let’s discover how to make the most out of MotorK’s powerful widget.

What content does the user want and need to see? A high-impact homepage is about more than just useful and functional content, it’s about identifying the best way of presenting this content so that it meets user expectations and requirements. This is why developing a functional architecture for the product and services offered and incorporating captivating solutions such as boxes is an intelligent and effective strategy for converting traffic into sales and lead collection. WebSparK makes this in a quick and intuitive manner, and you don’t need to be a HTML expert: using the embedded boxes in the platform you can customise and regularly update your homepage with just a few clicks. 


A box is a container that allows you to present editorial content or direct the user to a page dedicated to a portion of stock.

A study by Nielsen Norman Group shows that “people rarely read webpages word byword. They scan the page, picking out individualwords and sentences.” According to research carried out 26 years ago by the consulting firm, just 16% of visitors read all the text on the screen. This percentage decreases further year on year: perhaps a sign of the overwhelming amount of information available on the web.

When planning content for a homepage, it is important to be aware of user behaviour and attention: taking the time to choose the best image or the most eye-catching phrase is pointless if the user doesn’t get to see it. It isn’t the quantity of the content that makes a successful webpage, but its quality. Content that meets the needs of the target audience is the cornerstone of any impressive digital showroom and, in general, any successful marketing strategy.

As a digital dealer, your aim is to maintain user attention and ensure that users can access key information. With WebSparK boxes, there are many ways to present content on your homepage. You choose the format and style that best suits your business and the visitors you want to attract:

  • from images…
  • … to icons

Adding graphic elements (photos, symbols or icons) and labels helps users read the information more quickly.


We have already covered the best practices for effectively building and customising your dealership’s homepage, starting with key elements such as navigation menus, widgets (elements that allow you to add content and features quickly and easily) and chat. Now it’s time to add the last piece of the puzzle and discover the advantages of boxes:

  • They allow you to quickly communicate important aspects of your business. At a time when stock levels are low, it could be useful to focus user attention towards on rental or financial services;
  • They allow you to create a menu that is interactive and visually appealing. “Content is king”, but visual communication increases user engagement;
  • These elements are particularly suited to mobile browsing: designed with a mobile-first approach , our boxes are perfect for smartphones, and ensure optimal viewing even on small screens.


In a world of excessive stimuli, where customer preferences and needs change frequently, customisation enables you to ensure that your homepage stands out and attracts user attention. To put this in black and white, the reasons for this are:

  • Customisation is essentialto the success of your website and brand awareness. By approaching the platform in a creative way you can stand out and be original;
  • Editing and customising the look of your homepage creates a better user experience and improves indexing;
  • Creating content to customise your homepage requires careful planning and a well-thought-out editorial plan. Boxes can be created in advance and published when required, making it easy to implement your editorial plan.

The digital age has brought changing consumer habits. Consumers are used to accessing various sources of content on the web and show increasing autonomy in many phases of the customer journey. Curating the structure of the homepage in a way that impacts website usability and allows the potential client or end client to quickly identify what they are looking for – from booking a service to assessing buying options – is no longer a nice-to-have, but an important asset for meeting customer needs.

Regularly customising and updating your homepage with WebSparK boxes helps you achieve this. Request a demo and find out how you can customise your website!

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