MotorK core Values Day 2019

MotorK Core Values Day 2019


In MotorK things can (and do) change everyday: we are a scale-up, fast-moving, get-things-done organization. You may find what you were doing yesterday is no longer needed, and now you are working on something different, that is more aligned to our organization’s needs.

Our teams embrace this kind of culture and enjoy that speed and change! We have been pioneers in capitalizing our internal Talent, going beyond delivering results in our day-by-day jobs. But… what if you could have a full day dedicated to doing something you really want to do?

For this reason we invented a “Core Values Day”: a full day dedicated to understanding and embracing our core company values. Last September, we gave all our Employees a full day, free to do what they want for the company. The majority of our employee population created or adhered to 17 projects that embrace our Core Values: Passion for our Customers, Growth, Innovative, Family Spirit and Do the Right Thing.

To name a few, we launched an internal Knowledge Sharing platform, a Blog, a Gamification project, some charity events, a party for our Kids, Hackathons, Blood Donation, Networking and Brainstorming sessions… You’ll see from the videos and photos, there was a very high level of energy, buzz and excitement in our global offices. Most importantly, all these activities offered opportunities to reflect on how our values have helped shape our relationships with each other, our customers, clients and partners.

We are looking forward to repeating next year too: Watch This Space!

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