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MotorK at the forefront of the AI challenge: a resource boost to develop AI-based tools


Following up on the significant R&D investments (37% of revenues), MotorK accelerates on the artificial intelligence research and debuts its Tech LABS to confirm its leadership as industry innovator

MotorK, a leading EMEA group specialising in SaaS solutions for automotive retail, announced the launch of a programme entirely dedicated to the development of AI-based solutions to serve its customers. 

Marco Marlia, CEO and co-founder of the company born in 2010, commented: “Ongoing innovation has always been a guiding principle for MotorK in any area of the business. Artificial Intelligence is going to be a disruptive element in all industries and automotive distribution will be no exception. We were the first ones to introduce integrated digital solutions to revolutionise automotive retail; we are now further expanding our research capabilities through additional investments to be able to develop automotive-first AI-based tools to future-proof it. By anticipating trends, we can leverage the artificial intelligence potential to develop and deliver solutions providing added value for our clients, once again accompanying them along the transformation of the mobility ecosystem.

The initiative at the core of this ambitious project is a programme called Tech LABS, designed to become a cutting-edge technology research and development hub for the European automotive scene. In line with the company’s R&D plan, in which 37% of revenues was invested in 2022, Tech LABS serve MotorK’s goal to design and implement new technologies to improve the automotive customer experience, making it increasingly more seamless and tailor-made, as well as optimise business operations, reducing costs and facilitating the daily activities of dealers. 

With Tech LABS, MotorK intends to deep dive into innovation and direct cross-country training thanks to the contribution of company experts supported by some of the most brilliant AI tinkers specifically recruited and onboarded for this project. They will be challenged to explore pioneering angles on a number of current topics, Artificial Intelligence on top of all. 

With the kick-off of Tech LABS, we dare to experiment and be bold to take our technology offer to the next level.” added Marlia. “This initiative represents an additional step forward in our journey to establish MotorK as a technology leader, with R&D serving our mission to shape the future of mobility and the automotive retail of tomorrow. We want to attract talents and provide them with a sounding board for their ideas: we are looking for the dreamers, the forward-thinkers at heart, who want to play their part in the technology development of our industry and beyond, those who can think outside the box and are passionate about something they can only imagine, but are willing to contribute creating“.

Artificial intelligence, talent attraction and nurturing: MotorK leads the industry innovation

The launch of Tech LABS represents another key milestone along MotorK’s technology roadmap and the current investments in the AI research are additional proof of the company’s continuous commitment to champion innovation and bring cutting-edge solutions to the market since its early days. PredictSparK is the trailblazing tool which has anticipated the AI hype and applies artificial intelligence to predictive maintenance in the after-sales service. Currently at the core of various pilot projects, it will be a powerful solution in the hands of automotive marketing professionals to design targeted campaigns and anticipate customer needs. PredictSparK’s algorithm analyses more than 36 million rows of invoices, looks at more than 3,8 million customer profiles and more than 4 million vehicles. Every day it makes around 60 million predictions, based on more than 2 billion unique calculations. In the pilot phase alone, PredictSparK sent almost 3 million communications, including text messages and e-mails, to more than one million customers.

PredictSparK is part of the SparK Platform, the first SaaS platform for the automotive industry to integrate multiple solutions – MotorK’s main innovation driver. Its modular and customisable solutions also include WebSparK, the digital showroom optimised to acquire traffic and generate leads, soon integrating the OpenAI technology to support dealers and car manufacturers with the generation of relevant and SEO-proof content, in a fast and reliable way. 

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