MotorK AI Hackathon

MotorK launches its first AI Hackathon: a two-day event dedicated to AI for automotive retail


More than 50 tech experts will compete in the development of new AI-based solutions for OEMs and dealers to optimise the automotive customer journey

MotorK, a leading EMEA group specialising in SaaS solutions for automotive retail, launches the first edition of its AI Hackathon, a two-day challenge that will involve more than 50 professionals competing in the development of cutting-edge solutions based on artificial intelligence to optimise the automotive retail customer journey. This project represents a key milestone in the Group’s roadmap, with innovation at the heart of MotorK’s core business as testified by an investment of 37% of its 2022 revenues in R&D.

As well as stimulating creativity and accelerating innovation, the hackathon will be an important meeting point for the company’s tech teams that will join from all over Europe. It will be the opportunity to gather, exchange views and acquire new skills by working with mentors and senior figures in a context that breaks traditional patterns.

Innovation has always played a key role in our business and we want to continue leading the industry with the development of cutting-edge solutions tailored for automotive distribution,” commented Marco Marlia, CEO and Co-Founder of MotorK. “The first edition of our Hackathon reflects our forward-looking attitude and demonstrates that MotorK can count on a cohesive group of experts ready to get involved and build together the best solutions that will then be implemented for our customers. By combining the skills and creativity of our tech resources, we will be able to elaborate projects that can effectively leverage the potential of artificial intelligence within a format that is based on cooperation and competition as the way to accelerate innovation as well as the development of unconventional ideas“.

The challenge of this first edition will involve eight teams, made up of heterogeneous and multidisciplinary teams of Product Managers, Backend and Frontend Engineers, Data Engineers, QA Engineers, Fullstack Engineers, Data Analysts, Product Designers and Software Developers. From 12 noon on 4 July to 12 noon on the following day, at the company’s hub in Milan, the participants will be engaged in a two-day marathon to prototype innovative solutions to optimise the SparK Platform, the first SaaS platform for the automotive industry capable of managing the digitisation of the activities of dealerships and OEMs in an integrated way, from lead management to after-sales services.

At the end of the Hackathon, the projects will be judged by an internal committee of experts chaired by Marco Marlia, CEO and co-founder of the company, and Yair Pinyan, Chief R&D Officer, based on criteria such as business impact, efficiency of the prototype and value creation for the customer. 

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