Record sales results for MotorK Spain, consolidating its position as industry innovator


MotorK Spain achieved remarkable sales growth in the second quarter of 2023, showcasing its continuous commitment to innovation and technology while supporting automotive dealers and OEMs in optimising the automotive customer journey.

MotorK keeps providing technology solutions to streamline Spanish dealers’ processes, empowering them to increase sales

To overcome the current technological fragmentation within automotive retail and bridge the existing gap between supply and demand, today’s dealers need integrated digital solutions in order to offer to their customer flexibility to seamlessly transition between physical and digital channels. 

Claudia Losada, Country Manager of MotorK Spain, says that

At MotorK we have established a clear objective to be the main support for Spanish dealers as the leading technology provider. With this, we want to help simplify all processes in order to significantly increase the sales of our customers, as well as provide support when it comes to innovation and technology

Supporting the digital transformation process by driving the mindset change in automotive businesses

The difficult task of keeping up with the increased complexity of the customer journey has led dealers to also to change their mindset and shift from a traditional sales strategy, based on a physical and reactive approach to a new and more comprehensive sales process that optimises business operations, reduces costs and facilitates their daily activities. Losada adds that

Digital transformation is not only about integrating technology or new systems, but also about being part of the change thanks to the training of the teams and accompaniment in the process

One step ahead in technology and innovation: Artificial Intelligence on top

Following up on the significant R&D investments of the company (37% of revenues in 2022), MotorK has accelerated on the artificial intelligence research and recently launched its Tech LABS, a programme entirely dedicated to the development of AI-based solutions to help automotive dealers to anticipate trends and deliver better solutions to their customers. The launch of Tech LABS represents another key milestone along MotorK’s technology roadmap and an additional proof of the company’s commitment to champion innovation and bring cutting-edge solutions to the market.

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