The challenge of change in business, a talk with Luisa Corvino, MotorK’s Chief HR Officer


«An astonishing level of energy and enthusiasm!». This is the first thing Luisa Corvino states when describing MotorK. We call it SparK, the concept behind the idea of the spark that ignites an engine, just as MotorK brightens up the automotive sector with the spark of digitalization. A concept that represents the underlying reason for our actions, that drives, motivates and guides us in our field of work.

A graduate of Bocconi University and the Executive Education Program at Harvard, Luisa Corvino is Chief HR Officer in MotorK, with an important professional background in companies where technological innovation has been constantly on the agenda. In an ever-changing world of work, hers is a privileged point of view to tell us how we have redesigned the relationships and experience of our SparKers – the people of MotorK – experimenting with operating methods that are able to reconcile individual needs with the company’s business objectives.

Remote working, resilience, empowerment, networking, sharing, alignment have become key words in MotorK’s lexicon and Luisa deepened their meaning during our chat.

Luisa Corvino, Chief HR Officer MotorK
Luisa Corvino, Chief HR Officer MotorK


During the most critical phase of the health crisis it was necessary to face some challenges that required an important rethinking of the ways in which we were used to carry out work activities. «Covid-19 was an unexpected, overwhelming, and profound experience that strongly accelerated some transformation processes already underway at MotorK – says Luisa – To those who ask me if remote working has had a negative impact on operational performance, I can firmly say it has not». Working on an international scale, remote communication and collaboration platforms were already a reality within the team. «Remote working has allowed us to ensure business continuity, has given us the opportunity to productively rethink the boundaries of the company to attract and retain the best talents and has taught us that organizational flexibility is a critical element of success because it enables the empowerment and, therefore, the professional growth of teams. The path we have taken will continue beyond the health crisis, for example we care about the work-life balance of our SparKers and we will continue to experiment with new ways of organizing work to reap the benefits of remote control but at the same time preserve the value of professional and informal relationships in presence».

Today the real challenge for Human Resources consists in knowing how to guide change by leveraging above all on transversal skills. «We promote a culture based on planning, accountability, and communication, we encourage active participation in company life, decision-making processes and the sharing of experiences».  A strategy that translates into an important growth opportunity because, as MotorK’s Chief HR Officer argues, «the possibility of following certain company processes in their entirety and working in an international and multicultural context, contributes to the development of some soft skills, essential for professional growth – what Luisa defines as “System Thinking” and “Social Intelligence” – which lead people to consider problems from different points of view, to identify the links of the phenomena observed, and to seek solutions by grasping the logical priorities on which to intervene».

Also thanks to remote working, MotorK goes beyond the traditional concepts of workplace and workforce. «Our approach to recruiting is defined by what is really relevant to MotorK: skills and attitudes, regardless of geographic origin. A Frontend Developer, for example, can live in France and collaborate effectively with the team and with our Italian customers. The main clues are competence, strengths, and mindset». Certainly the role of physical offices remains strategic. «The office will continue to be a place for meeting and brainstorming, a space that promotes team culture and innovation».

MotorK Milan Office


In MotorK in 2021 we launched a recruiting plan of over 100 new talents in Europe by the end of the year to support the growth of our business. «We want to consolidate the organization by introducing profiles in the company that can bring new and complementary skills, experiences and points of view to those already existing. The goal is twofold: to increase the scope and quality of our technical skills and develop middle management that will play an increasingly central role in the change process, mediating between strategic vision and operations and providing technical and organizational guidance to its teams».

What is MotorK’s differential? «Our “way of working” ! We are a digital, innovative, and international entity – underlines Luisa – free from startup limitations while at the same time the austerity of a multinational company. Some colleagues say that we are multinational “on a human scale».

Our SparKers play an important role and always represent the first option, also in MotorK’s recruiting process. «For instance, we have an Employee Referral Program which rewards employees when they refer candidates who pass the selection process and join our team. And again, our Internal Move Program, an opportunity to apply, with priority over outsiders, to a new vacant role, and accelerate or diversify your career path while remaining in the company».

We asked Luisa at the end of our chat how she imagines the overall SparKer’s profile. «Tenacious, determined, and innovative. A true agent of change who energetically supports their company to bring about the changes they believe in, comparing themselves with others, overcoming resistance and maintaining an open and constructive attitude in the face of difficulties». To the profile shared by Luisa we add a great passion for the automotive world, the leitmotif that unites us with our customers and allows us to lead in sync their digital revolution.

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