360° Perspectives about the Digital and Automotive Industry

How to promote a car video on YouTube

How to promote your dealership on YouTube

One of the most effective means of content marketing, i.e. promotional activity that involves the production of original content revolving around a commercial proposal, is video production. According to MotorK, the automotive sector is the fourth largest in the world in terms of videos uploaded

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Automotive Digital Marketing

Automotive: the main trends in digital marketing

The automotive sector is going through a changing phase that is questioning consumption, behaviour, and consumer trends. But that’s not all: digital transformation – the trigger of this revolution – is changing the way cars are designed, produced and, above all, sold.  Cars have changed,

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Automotive aftersales: recovery after coronavirus

After-sales and recovery: let’s take a look

It’s undeniable that the months of March and April meant a period of reduced activity and profit for the automotive after-sales market, which only in recent weeks has gone back to display positive trends. Given this new normality we are about to experience, made up

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5 new purchasing car online trends

Purchasing a car: new trends and outlook

It has been clear for a while that the automotive industry was in a phase of turmoil and major changes, even well before the recent Coronavirus crisis. The advent of new phenomena such as shared, automated or electric mobility had already given the industry such

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Car sharing and corona virus covid-19

Will CoronaVirus halt Car Sharing?

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the entire transportation sector very hard; in some cases it has completely stopped various means of mobility, such as car sharing. But, once we get through the lockdown, what will the effects of the coexistence with Coronavirus be? How will it

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